Sports Management Group Worldwide, Inc.


Contractual Agreements
  • The negotiation, drafting, review, and implementation of contract matters in the fields of player performance, endorsement, opportunities, special appearances, and other ventures.
  • Recognizing and exploiting marketing opportunities including those in television, film, music, print, and radio forums.
  • Constant review of existing legal agreements, so as to take into account changes in performance, economic, and tax situations.

Financial Coordination
  • Accountants and financial planners are reviewed and carefully monitored to ensure investments are appropriate for each individual. 
  • Consulting is provided to analyze the risks, benefits, and net cash flow to realistically be expected from investment decisions.
  • Review potential business opportunities in terms of business plans and future obligations.
  • Reviews of insurance are done periodically to insure that each client understands his insurance coverage and likely needs.

Tax Planning
  • The review of all contractual, business opportunity, and investment matters in terms of after-tax benefit to the client.
  • Assisting the client's accountant in accumulating tax return information and developing strategies, as well as full representation of the client in related matters.
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